Sunday, June 2, 2013

Networking -Yes please

When you are starting out with your business you feel very much alone and it is all on you if this is going to change or not. Especially for people who rather hide than shout their name out this is kind of a problem.
I am a shy person and even though my camera connects me to people it is also like a wall behind which I can hide. Nevertheless, you read a lot about networking, how essential it is to bring your business forward. Make connections - you never know where they will lead you. But where do you start?

While I was working on a series I got in touch with a nice lady who eventually introduced me to a networking group on facebook. I joined and of course had in mind that I would meet people who would bring my business forward. I went to the first meeting - in - person and was rather discouraged than motivated. I didn't find it easy to walk up to strangers and just start a conversation. After four hours I went home, having talked to many people. It was a lot to take in! I continued following the group but didn't make it to the next events.

Eventually I forced myself to show up again at the next meeting and wow, something had happened. Continuously people joined the meeting and greeted each other like good friends. Lots of laughter and chatter. I talked to many nice people and realized: I am not alone! we all have the same fears and the same pressure. No more stiff "what do you do" but warm and honest talks about life! It felt great to be part of this group. Networking is not only about meeting the right people but about meeting people you connect to, making new friends and exchange experiences!

ASBN - the networking group for small businesses! A BIG THANK YOU for your efforts!!