Monday, February 10, 2014

Warrior series an making props

I was always surprised where people got the good stuff from to style their pictures and stupidly it never occurred to me to really use the most uncommon things and create myself. A while ago I discovered the pictures of Kirsty Mitchel and was so utterly impressed. eventually I realized that she is a maker herself! I checked out her behind the scenes pictures and was impressed by how much time and work she dedicates to creating. eventually I thought that making props yourself is a pretty good way even if it costs you more time and sometimes even more money! Especially Christmas was for me a great time to visit some decoration shops and start thinking of how I could include my self-made things into a photoshoot! Since then I have been using my own props in almost every shoot and I am pretty happy about it! Not only is it possible for me to create exactly the picture that I want but also to put some creative energy into it! If people ask me where I get my props from and I tell that I made them myself, the picture seems to be even more valuable to me since I really created and not only clicked on the button of the camera!

Also for the Color-up shoot that was published in RAWR magazine I have been hunting for DIY stuff and got pretty lucky in a handy store buying dried flowers, hand-made paper, dried fruits and wool and fabric which I colored to my own needs!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Art Work vs. Corporate portraits

While I concentrate a lot on a conceptual approach in my personal work I love to work on clients projects as well. Not only art work but also for companies if we can find a matching base. Last week I have been shooting for SLEM Waalwijk again, a school for shoe design based in the Netherlands and China. When they started about a year ago I took portraits in their unfinished building. When I now arrived for the second time the entire scenery had changed drastically. Everything is kept in a cold blue tone and leather is hanging from windows and walls. The entire environment is pretty well designed and it was my pleasure to shoot their portraits again!
After single portrait shots we moved on to group portraits which was a lot of fun when time proceeded. I had so much fun with the girls and realized again how important it is for the outcome of a picture how comfortable people feel in front of the camera or during a shooting session!

    SLEM Waalwijk 2014

Unfortunately I cannot share all pictures I take for companies even though some of them are great! As I mentioned shooting art stuff and shooting my style portraits for companies is a good way to go for me!