Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Master the money

During the years that I have been busy with photography I have noticed it is not a working field that will make you rich, unless you are a high class commercial photographer but who of us is, especially at the beginning.
I can say I have done a lot of things from weddings, portraits, business portraits, party pictures or interior shoots but nothing has been as satisfying to me than my own personal work. I have been out of the game for a couple of months now due to my second born but I have never given up the thought about photography. But I have to admit all the things I have tried including my own work have financially not been extremely satisfying.
People hire you for what they think you are worth or for whatever budget they have and a lot of times it is more the money part than the part of being worth it. It is a shame because photography is a job like any other and we also want to get paid even if people think that we are just pressing a button.

Many times I have taken jobs for the sake of building up experience getting no or low compensation and honestly I am not using any of these photographs for my portfolio. After a while I decided to do only what I am passionate about instead of going for the jobs that pay (low) but don't satisfy me. And now I hit another dilemma. For my series I need models and I do compensate them with photographs for them to use but also here I have noticed that people expect you to deliver over and over again.

I love to shoot and I love to edit but I also need to survive! People don't realize how expensive photography is and you don't even have to have the cream de la cream equipment.

So next time you hire a photographer or you want them to take your picture remember that they are also doing a job and they have to pay bills!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

I could not have been that wrong

It feels like a hundred years that I have been writing on this blog and obviously it has been a long time ... a very long time. Before I had my second child I thought that things would go smoothly, that I would still be able to write, photograph and prepare whatever I wanted to do but I could never have been that wrong.
I have barely time to eat or drink because I have a child who goes to school and a baby that needs constant attention. I love being a mom and for the first 2 months after my baby was born I didn't have the urge to only think about photographing. But now we are one month further and I keep my phone next to my side wherever I go so I am able to check my pinterest account for new inspiration. I have even made new boards and I am proud to say started planning a new shoot. When this shoot is going to take place is still a BIG question but at least I have it in my mind.
I have a broken printer and my drawing skills are close to zero so all I can do is collect images that include a part of my idea, here the hair, here the shapes and there the colours.

I was convinced that I could improve my editing skills in the evenings because the baby would be sleeping and I could watch tutorials and try out new things. I would also shoot and have the baby next to my side because again the baby would be sleeping. Had I forgotten everything about babies?
There is almost no me-time and and I am dead meat in the evening and only look for the companionship of my pillow. Not mentioning the broken nights which I also use to look for inspiration on the net while breastfeeding. Well I used to do that but nowadays I can barely keep my eyes open so that is no option anymore.

I was also planning to look for exhibition opportunities and competitions but again I couldn't have been so wrong. Luckily I entered a competition before the baby was born and was able to fulfill all requirements on time. But I still have to update my pictures for agencies and prepare new ones. I tell myself every day that today is the day but in the evening I realize that I have not done what I had planned.

But in the end I know it is a phase and it will go over. After almost 3 months with no camera in my hands I finally got it out of the closet and shot some nice portraits of my oldest. Damn it felt good to hold a camera again! And since I was asked how I can already think about work ... it is not only work, photography is my passion and I love doing it!