Sunday, December 6, 2015

Girls of Paradise - Behind the scenes

The "Girls of Paradise" is a project that changed my way of working in every single way possible! It started with a simple question if I wanted to shoot an editorial for fun! Since I was working on some projects at that time I left the option on the side and only after a month I decided to give it go! I approached some brands and as expected did not get a reply but to my big surprise one day an answer from the most prestigious brand for kids haute couture landed in my postbox and that is how everything got started.

It was a pretty overwhelming feeling and I had to take a couple of days to think what I actually wanted to do! I set up a team and we all came together to think, re-think and eventually start pulling the pieces together! Me being me, I spend hours looking for items to make headpieces from,build sets and backdrops, get in touch with people who could help and last but not least tried to find someone who actually wanted to publish our editorial!

Everything seems easy when imagined but it took months to get everything arranged and eventually I decided to get a stylist on board realizing that I would not be able to focus on the clothing on the shooting day! But after we got her on board I noticed how much I actually needed her! I was missing pieces of the puzzle and she was the one who found them!

Somewhere on the way I lost track and didn't know anymore what I wanted to do! Different clothing brands needed to be arranged and shipment seemed to be a big issue since customs worked against us and we had to wait almost two weeks for a package to be released! Other packages came just in time just for us not to get a panic attack!I realized how much I like to arrange and build things, work things out and eventually see things come to life! The hard work paid off and we had an amazing day shooting. With trembling hands we unpacked the clothes and seeing everything hanging next to each other showed that all pieces had fallen into place! I am so proud of the whole team, of my amazing little models and all the brands that put so much trust into my work! I am really grateful to every single person who has helped me realize this fantastic adventure! Thank you!

Friday, March 27, 2015

About work, children and no sleep

I have had my frustrations lately about work so I decided to give it a month silence to figure out what I can do! And yes, the time was needed but it also felt like I lost track! Nevertheless I am looking to a very busy month in April and I am happy about it! Only my lack of sleep and my poor time availability are giving me a headache. I basically sleep with my phone in order be on top of everything but preparing many shoots at the same time is something I still have o figure out to do while sleep is creeping into my body and kids are screaming around me! But I am exited, more than exited about what is to come! New co-operations, new projects and new people in my life!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I love Pinterest

I can spend hours and hours on Pinterest and look for inspiration! One time I get a high from all my new findings and overenthusiastic to start something new and the other time all the amazing images pull me down to the bottom of my inner self. I get discouraged and unmotivated to even start anything. Many things have been done and I wonder how can I exist with everyone before me, next to me and after me! All these images who exist in the big jungle of the world wide web, in galleries and in magazines are similar and still co-existing.
Guess, I am browsing for pale models, then I get hundreds of images that look all the same but are from different hands. There are only a few that a standing out, from which you see a signature!

but enough of the philosophical talk! I do love pinterest and from time to time I spend my evenings on it because I get caught up by all the beauty on there! Honestly, I love it and for me as a photographer I value it much more than facebook or any other social media because it perfectly serves my desire for the visual!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Once again a preparation

So there we go, tomorrow I have my first shoot at the new location and I am convinced it will be a nice one! Nevertheless, I am kind of nervous because they are actually very short bookings and I have tons of material and ideas to squeeze in. Usually I don't get the clothes for short shoots, people have to bring themselves but this time I actually did. I bought a wig and did my very first haircut (apart from my son's kids hair), I borrowed the craziest accessories at one of my favorite shops in Amsterdam (The New Label Project TNLP - if you are in Amsterdam be sure to check it out! Super nice owner and as I said the craziest designer stuff) and last but not least the styling of the clothes! So tomorrow everything hopefully falls into place.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yes I have made the move

For as long as I can think I have shot my portraits in my living room, with some exceptions of course. The past months I had used my neighbors apartment as a studio and this was fine with me because I needed only 1 minute from my house. But it was a house and not a studio and some people were not that happy with the looks of it! And I have to say I can understand but not everyone can afford a fancy studio space, certainly not in a city like Amsterdam.
So I had found somebody to share a space with. The only thing - we both only had the idea in our mind and no space available. For a couple of weeks I checked some spaces. Some really spacious and nice, some a bit smaller but neat and clean with a huge outdoor space that could be used as well. I was in too minds and eventually checked out a space that was close to my house and decided to go for it! YES, I have finally a new space, a space that is not my living room or in any way attached to my house! I am proud, even if I share it with other people.
Two days ago I have picked up the keys and today I have brought all my equipment to the new location which was a physical challenge since I had to carry everything up two staircases! But I am happy and I am looking forward to use it!
First step into the right direction!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Recently, I have been cleaning up my website and put up some new work and unfortunately older ones had to go. But since I had put so much time and effort into this shoot I don't want that the pictures just drown in the dark and be forgotten. So here they come:

Monday, January 12, 2015

So you want to have your picture taken?

Every week I am getting requests from people that would like to have their picture taken by me. Flattering you would think and yes that is what I am - flattered - until I get the following proposal: The pictures should be spontaneous, with movement and not poses! RIGHT! Have you looked at my portfolio before contacting me?
for the past years I have been working to develop a certain style and this is without doubt posed, styled and static portraits. I love that their is no movement but standstill, I love that they are posed because then I can bring in everything in my mind to make it look the way I want!And no I am not going to make my pictures look spontaneous because they are planned!

So you want to have your picture taken and it should look exactly like the picture I have taken of that specific girl who is exotic and dark-skinned! the only problem is that you are not and it will never look the same way!
And clothes are not important because it is about the pose, I can tell you everything has to fall into place, the clothes, the make-up, the hair, the background and the accessories. It is a melting pot of ingredients and with one missing the whole cannot be!

So you want to have your picture taken by me? Then please let me do what I can do best!