Friday, January 16, 2015

Once again a preparation

So there we go, tomorrow I have my first shoot at the new location and I am convinced it will be a nice one! Nevertheless, I am kind of nervous because they are actually very short bookings and I have tons of material and ideas to squeeze in. Usually I don't get the clothes for short shoots, people have to bring themselves but this time I actually did. I bought a wig and did my very first haircut (apart from my son's kids hair), I borrowed the craziest accessories at one of my favorite shops in Amsterdam (The New Label Project TNLP - if you are in Amsterdam be sure to check it out! Super nice owner and as I said the craziest designer stuff) and last but not least the styling of the clothes! So tomorrow everything hopefully falls into place.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Yes I have made the move

For as long as I can think I have shot my portraits in my living room, with some exceptions of course. The past months I had used my neighbors apartment as a studio and this was fine with me because I needed only 1 minute from my house. But it was a house and not a studio and some people were not that happy with the looks of it! And I have to say I can understand but not everyone can afford a fancy studio space, certainly not in a city like Amsterdam.
So I had found somebody to share a space with. The only thing - we both only had the idea in our mind and no space available. For a couple of weeks I checked some spaces. Some really spacious and nice, some a bit smaller but neat and clean with a huge outdoor space that could be used as well. I was in too minds and eventually checked out a space that was close to my house and decided to go for it! YES, I have finally a new space, a space that is not my living room or in any way attached to my house! I am proud, even if I share it with other people.
Two days ago I have picked up the keys and today I have brought all my equipment to the new location which was a physical challenge since I had to carry everything up two staircases! But I am happy and I am looking forward to use it!
First step into the right direction!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Recently, I have been cleaning up my website and put up some new work and unfortunately older ones had to go. But since I had put so much time and effort into this shoot I don't want that the pictures just drown in the dark and be forgotten. So here they come:

Monday, January 12, 2015

So you want to have your picture taken?

Every week I am getting requests from people that would like to have their picture taken by me. Flattering you would think and yes that is what I am - flattered - until I get the following proposal: The pictures should be spontaneous, with movement and not poses! RIGHT! Have you looked at my portfolio before contacting me?
for the past years I have been working to develop a certain style and this is without doubt posed, styled and static portraits. I love that their is no movement but standstill, I love that they are posed because then I can bring in everything in my mind to make it look the way I want!And no I am not going to make my pictures look spontaneous because they are planned!

So you want to have your picture taken and it should look exactly like the picture I have taken of that specific girl who is exotic and dark-skinned! the only problem is that you are not and it will never look the same way!
And clothes are not important because it is about the pose, I can tell you everything has to fall into place, the clothes, the make-up, the hair, the background and the accessories. It is a melting pot of ingredients and with one missing the whole cannot be!

So you want to have your picture taken by me? Then please let me do what I can do best!