Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I love Pinterest

I can spend hours and hours on Pinterest and look for inspiration! One time I get a high from all my new findings and overenthusiastic to start something new and the other time all the amazing images pull me down to the bottom of my inner self. I get discouraged and unmotivated to even start anything. Many things have been done and I wonder how can I exist with everyone before me, next to me and after me! All these images who exist in the big jungle of the world wide web, in galleries and in magazines are similar and still co-existing.
Guess, I am browsing for pale models, then I get hundreds of images that look all the same but are from different hands. There are only a few that a standing out, from which you see a signature!

but enough of the philosophical talk! I do love pinterest and from time to time I spend my evenings on it because I get caught up by all the beauty on there! Honestly, I love it and for me as a photographer I value it much more than facebook or any other social media because it perfectly serves my desire for the visual!

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