Sunday, December 6, 2015

Girls of Paradise - Behind the scenes

The "Girls of Paradise" is a project that changed my way of working in every single way possible! It started with a simple question if I wanted to shoot an editorial for fun! Since I was working on some projects at that time I left the option on the side and only after a month I decided to give it go! I approached some brands and as expected did not get a reply but to my big surprise one day an answer from the most prestigious brand for kids haute couture landed in my postbox and that is how everything got started.

It was a pretty overwhelming feeling and I had to take a couple of days to think what I actually wanted to do! I set up a team and we all came together to think, re-think and eventually start pulling the pieces together! Me being me, I spend hours looking for items to make headpieces from,build sets and backdrops, get in touch with people who could help and last but not least tried to find someone who actually wanted to publish our editorial!

Everything seems easy when imagined but it took months to get everything arranged and eventually I decided to get a stylist on board realizing that I would not be able to focus on the clothing on the shooting day! But after we got her on board I noticed how much I actually needed her! I was missing pieces of the puzzle and she was the one who found them!

Somewhere on the way I lost track and didn't know anymore what I wanted to do! Different clothing brands needed to be arranged and shipment seemed to be a big issue since customs worked against us and we had to wait almost two weeks for a package to be released! Other packages came just in time just for us not to get a panic attack!I realized how much I like to arrange and build things, work things out and eventually see things come to life! The hard work paid off and we had an amazing day shooting. With trembling hands we unpacked the clothes and seeing everything hanging next to each other showed that all pieces had fallen into place! I am so proud of the whole team, of my amazing little models and all the brands that put so much trust into my work! I am really grateful to every single person who has helped me realize this fantastic adventure! Thank you!