Behind the scenes

I realized that I love to see how other photographers and artists are working not only because it is very informative but also inspirational. I see many people sharing their experiences and that is a great gift since we can all learn from each other by making some of our skills public. I have been mainly learning from watching others, following tutorials and trial and error.
For almost all my shoots I have been trying to do the styling, make props and combine all elements to one piece. It is not always possible and not always easy due to costs and time but whenever I can I try to plan my own shoots and make my own props.
That is what I want to share, behind the scenes, in the making and other things!

Lately I have been working on the warrior series which I had paused for quite a while due to lack of time. I wasn't sure if I was going to pick it up again since I had ideas in my head but didn't really know how to make them really happen. Eventually I decided that the series deserved a continuation and went shopping. Markets, flowers shops, the internet, I checked almost everything to find what I had in my mind. Of course things didn't work the way I wanted but nevertheless I started working on a headpiece for one of the pictures. I tried different options by using material pinned to a doll. eventually I found a way to make it work and I am pretty happy with the result. Thanks to my hot glue pistol which I think is one of the best inventions ever it didn't take as long as I had imagined.

I am also working on another costume, for which I have been making eye patches. I am still far from ready so pictures follow later!

Warrior series 2013

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